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More than 50 innovative and easy-to-use tools have been created to facilitate Chinese teaching and learning inside and outside of the classroom. Please spread the word and send us your feedback!

1. Chinese Vocab List Creator

    Quickly create a Chinese vocabulary list from any Chinese text with a single click!

2. Chinese Word Worksheet Generator

    As requested by Chinese teaching professionals, we have developed an unique Chinese word and sentence worksheet generator to help you quickly create customized Mandarin Chinese word or sentence worksheets. Like Chinese character worksheet generator, it is easy-to-use and highly customizable.

3. Chinese Word Worksheets with Character Stroke Sequences

    This tool is a hybrid of original Chinese Word Worksheet Generator and Chinese Character Worksheet Maker, allowing the teachers to make word worksheets with the stroke sequences of the characters.

4. Chinese Word Worksheets with Character DetailsNew!

     Use this unique Chinese worksheet maker to generate Chinese Chinese word worksheets with pictures and character details, including stroke sequences, radicals, and character structure information. They are perfect for Chinese students to practice Chinese words and individual characters at the same time.

5. Bingo Card Generator

     Chinese learners now can learn Chinese characters and words by playing Bingo games! With the flexible and powerful Bingo Card Generator, you can generate custom Bingo cards and randomized call sheets with your own Chinese characters and words. This bingo card maker is not just for learning Chinese, you can use this tool to generate traditional 5x5 number bingo cards or other educational bingo cards to support and reinforce lessons in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and just about any area of the curriculum!

6. Chinese Character Flashcard Maker

    Generate Chinese character flashcards with Pinyin, English, radical, the traditional form and character component details

7. Chinese Word Flashcard Maker

    Designed for Chinese language teachers and parents, the Chinese Word Flashcard Maker allows you to make paper flashcards quickly for young Chinese learners to study common-used Chinese words and phrases offline. Note this tool is different from the Chinese Character Flashcard Maker, which prints out flashcards with character details, not at word or character compound level.

8. Online Learning Games (创建在线游戏)New!

    Generate engaging online Chinese learning games (在线游戏) using Arch Chinese powerful Online Game Designer

9. Printable Chinese Quiz Maker

    Similar to Bingo Card Generator, another great tool for parents and Chinese language teachers to quickly create multiple choice, true/false and matching quizzes.

10. Chinese Word & Pinyin Search Puzzle Generator

    A great tool for parents and Chinese language teachers to create Chinese word or Pinyin search puzzles with your own lists of Chinese words or Pinyin. You can also use this tool to generate word search puzzles to learn vocabulary of any other languages.

11. Chinese Character Unscrambler Puzzles (汉字拼图)New!

    Turn a Chinese character into a puzzle! You can use it to create fun and engaging Chinese character unscrambler puzzles for young learners.

12. 拼字练习 Worksheet GeneratorNew!

     Generate custom 拼字练习 worksheets for students to construct Chinese characters from character components.

13. Chinese Character Cards with PicturesNew!

    Create Chinese character cards and posters with pictures for classroom use.

14. Chinese Word to Picture Matching WorksheetsNew!

    Create Chinese word to picture matching worksheets for young learners.

15. Snakes and Ladders Game GeneratorNew!

    Create Snakes and Ladders board games for Chinese learners to practice Chinese vocabulary and Pinyin.

16. Chinese Character Agamograph MakerNew!

     Create your own Chinese character and picture agamograph activity sheets for your Chinese class.

17. Tarsia Puzzle MakerNew!

     quickly create Tarsia Puzzles for students to review and practice Chinese vocabulary and phrases in groups or individually.

18. Word Making Worksheets (汉字组词练习单)New!

     Create 汉字组词练习单 for students to make Chinese words using the given Chinese characters.

19. Domino Card MakerNew!

     Create vocabulary domino cards for classroom games and activities.

20. Pinyin Crossword Puzzle MakerNew!

    Puzzle solving makes Chinese learning fun and engaging! Chinese teachers can use this unique tool to create customizable pinyin crossword puzzles based on the Chinese words that the students are learning.

21. Chinese Sudoku Puzzle CreatorNew!

     Quickly generate Sudoku puzzles with Chinese numbers or characters.

22. Four-in-a-Row Game Board CreatorNew!

     Create Four-in-a-Row board games with your own Chinese vocab list.

23. Chinese Phrase Dictation Worksheet MakerNew!

    Create Chinese phrase and sentence dictation worksheets, with Pinyin and English hints, for classroom use.

24. Chinese Sentence Copying Worksheet Maker Improved!

     Create Chinese sentence copying worksheets to help Chinese language students master Chinese sentence structure and use common Chinese sentence patterns.

25. Chinese Sentence and Pinyin Scramble CreatorNew!

    Chinese Sentence and Pinyin scrambles — taking a Chinese sentence and mixing up the character or Pinyin order — are great activities for Chinese language learners. This tool lets Chinese language teachers and parents easily generate Chinese sentence and Pinyin scrambles for classroom or home use.

26. Fillin the Blank Chinese Worksheet Maker

    Create your own custom fill-in-the-blank Chinese worksheets with word bank for classroom and homework uses.

27. Fill in the Missing Strokes Chinese Worksheet Maker

    Create a Chinese worksheet to allow the students to identify and fill in the missing character strokes or radicals.

28. Chinese Character Poster MakerNew!

    Create stylish Chinese character wall posters with any Chinese characters. They look great on display in the classroom or at home. The Chinese character wall posters can be as large as 36 X 48 inch.

29. Chinese Word Poster MakerNew!

    Similar to Chinese Character Poster Maker, this tool allows you to create Chinese word wall posters.

30. Pinyin Practice Sheet Maker New!

    Create Pinyin practice sheets for Chinese learners who haven't yet started learning Chinese characters.

31. Sentence Translation Worksheet Maker New!

    Generate English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation worksheets for advanced Chinese language learners.

32. Chinese Synonyms & Antonyms Worksheet Maker - 同义词, 反义词练习 New!

    Quickly generate nifty Chinese synonyms and antonyms worksheets to help students improve vocabulary. translation worksheets for advanced Chinese language learners.

33. Chinese Character Animation Maker New!

    Generate embeddable and interactive animations for both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. You can seamlessly integrate the animations into your school website, personal web pages or social media.

34. Chinese Word Chop Worksheet Creator New!

    Create Chinese Word Chops with a list of Chinese words.

35. Roll-and-Read Game Board Maker New!

    Create a custom Roll-and-Read game board with a list of Chinese characters or words. The teachers have the option to use Chinese, Pinyin or pictures on the game board.

36. Sentence Translation Game Board Maker New!

    Create a custom sentence translation game board with a list of Chinese sentences or phrases. By playing this fun Chinese sentence translation game, the students can learn and reinforce Chinese vocabulary and sentence structure.

37. Sentence Making Worksheet (造句练习) New!

    The students can use the worksheets generated by this tool to make complete Chinese sentences with the given Chinese vocabulary words.

38. Chinese Character Stroke Sequence Image Generator

    Generate Chinese character stroke sequence images for any Chinese characters in transparent PNG format.You can embed the images in your presentions or classroom handouts.

39. Chinese Lesson Printable Creator

    Create custom Chinese lessons and supplemental reading materials tailored to your classroom and the needs of your Chinese language students.

40. Printable Dice Maker

    With this tool, parents and Chinese teachers can create printable paper dices with Chinese characters or words and Pinyin or Bopomofo for home or classroom use.

41. Chinese Vocab List Review Sheet Maker

    A simple tool to quickly create Chinese vocab list review sheets for students to study offline.

42. Themed Chinese Writing Paper Creator

    An unique tool to create cute themed Chinese writing paper for use in your classroom or at home. The writing paper creator is extremely customizable and very powerful. You can use this tool to create fun and lovely writing paper for Back to School, Halloween, Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Easter, Summer Time and any other theme that you can think of.

43. Chinese Coloring Sheet Maker Improved!

    A simple tool to allow the Chinese language teachers and parents to create Chinese character or word coloring sheets for young learners.

44. Read it, Trace it, Paste it Chinese Worksheet Maker

     Create Read it, Trace it and Paste it worksheets for young Chinese learners to learn common Chinese characters and Chinese sentence structure. The generated worksheets are perfect for classroom and home-school use.

45. Chinese Matching Worksheets ((读一读, 连一连)New!

     Create Chinese Matching Worksheets (读一读, 连一连) using Matching Worksheet Maker

46. Nameplate-like Paper Flashcards

    Create nameplate-like flashcards with Chinese and optional pictures on one side and English and Pinyin on the other side.

47. Mandrin Chinese Tone Drill

     A handy tool to practice and test your knowledge of Mandarin Pinyin and tones. This tool covers all the Pinyin used in standard Mandarin Chinese.

48. Manage Chinese Vocab Lists New!

    Quickly merge, split, delete, move or rename Chinese vocab lists.

49. Character Stroke Name Editor New!

    Customize the stroke names of the characters in the vocab lists you create and share with your students.

50. Chinese Pinyin Unscrambler

    Find Pinyin and words by unscrambling the letters the user entered.

51. Chinese Measure Words New!

    The complete list of Chinese measure words used in modern Chinese. Usage examples are also provided for each measure word.

52. Type Chinese

    Type Chinese online without intalling any Chinese Input Method Editors(IME) on your PC or tablet.

53. Chinese Character Strokes

    Complete listings of all the basic strokes used in the modern Chinese characters.

54. Stroke Order Rules

    An introduction to the Chinese character stroke order rules.

55. Chinese Text to Pinyin Converter New!

    You can use this tool to convert Chinese text to Pinyin or annotate Chinese text.

56. Chinese Pinyin Notation Converter

    You can use this Pinyin tool to convert Pinyin with tone number notation to Pinyin with tone marks.

57. Pinyin to Bopomofo Converter

    Convert Pinyin to Bopomofo(also known as Zhuyin).

58. Color Code Chinese Characters by Tone

    This tool allows you to color code Chinese characters based on their tones and add Pinyin as the tooltips of the color-coded Chinese characters.

59. Chinese Character Structures

    The structure information is very useful for Chinese language learners to recognize the character composition. This page lists the common structures of modern Chinese characters.

60. The 2,500 Most Frequently Used Characters

    The 2,500 most frequently used Chinese characters, listed in the order of stroke numbers.

61. The 1,000 Secondarily Frequently Used Chinese Characters

     The 1,000 secondarily frequently used Chinese characters, listed in the order of stroke numbers.

62. Simplfied to Traditional Chinese Text Converter

    Convert simplified Chinese text to traditional text.

63. Animated Character Link Generator

    Generate web page links to the animated Chinese characters

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