User Testimonials
Many Chinese language learners and teaching professionals have found this system very useful and effective. Read what some of our users and teaching professionals have said about us:

After registering, I was completely blown away with the excitement of how the whole program works. I never imagined anything being so good,it is marvelous. This program is so good, it has given me confidence of knowing that I will now definitely be able to master reading and writing Chinese Characters. I would seriously like to see this program promoted more so that others could benefit from it.

I have purchased previously a very expensive program to read and write Chinese Characters, I was extremely disappointed, and the program did not motivate me like Arch Chinese has. I will certainly promote this program to all whom I meet, and are interested in studying Chinese. Once again thanks for such a wonderful program, I can't wait to use it.     

- John Mouritsen, Australia

I haven't tested it thoroughly, but I can see this is a very useful and interesting tool...    

- Professor Tim Xie, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, California State University Long Beach, USA

Arch Chinese is the best online Chinese writing learning tool I have found. I like the user interface. The stroke order animation is awesome!...

- Daniel Wagler, USA

Kudos on this amazing system. No other package I've found even comes close to its completeness, speed, and ease of use.

- Mike Gallaher, USA

I have just signed up as your member recently and I love using your stroke order worksheets to assign homework for my students!

- Priscilla NGAN, France

Arch Chinese Team,

Thanks for this great resource! I am literally using it daily in my studies from BA to MA in Chinese Studies. It saves me a lot of time for looking up stroke orders in printed dictionaries. With the firefox plugin instantfox I am accessing the dictionary via browser links directly which saves so much time! I am really grateful for you putting that resource online for free and hope you do get some monetization by ads, as archchinese is really worth money! I do not really need a premium account, as I do not need to create teaching material, as I am a student, but in the future when I got a job I would definitely consider giving something back. Maybe you can implement a donation button (by credit card payment) on the free part of ArchChinese.

Thanks again for the great resource and keep up the good stuff!

Best regards,

- Andreas Schneider

Seamless. Great products. Great price.

- Thomas Mitchell, USA

Great. I really enjoy the flashcard system and being able to print off worksheets for me and other classmates to practice has been great. My professor saw me using this program and said he liked it better than the system he had been using.

- Jonathan Newman, USA

Hi, I'm a first year university student in Ottawa, Canada taking a mandarin course. This website is the only one of its kind and has helped me TONS with learning Chinese. It literally serves as a 24 hour-a-day tutor and because of it I've surpassed the skills of most of my classmates. You have built an exceptionally large and accurate database and your app is smooth and easy to use. Thank you for doing us such a great service.

- Adam Wilkinson, Canada

I am a Chinese teacher. It was truly exciting to find your website and I subscribed three years right away. I like the character work sheet the best, because it has all the useful information for students to learn, such as pinyin, English meaning and stroke order.

- Yanling Lo, USA

Your Arch Chinese online system looks very interesting. Thanks for the great work with the website.

- Professor Hongyin Tao, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

This is an amazing website for learning Chinese. Most of it is free but to get the full use of its functions, you need to subscribe. It has been a big help with my learning.

- Ashley ******, Australia

Dear sir & madam,
This is the best online chinese dictionray I have ever seen , both for vocabulary sentences and chinese writing materials such as the animated stroke order. I would like to register.

- Emmanuel Peltier

I'm pleasantly surprised at the redesigned website. Great work! It's much easier to navigate now and use the worksheet generator! Thank you! I especially love how the title is right below the enter the character box, and that it's so much easier to create our own definition. Bravo!

- Teresa Wu, USA

Thank you for your quick response and great assistance! I enjoy spending time on your web! You created a wonderful system for teachers!! All Chinese teachers in my school signed up.

Many thanks,

-Jian Lin, USA

Arch Chinese,

Thanks for the information I requested. Also, I just wanted to say how impressed I have always been with how quickly you reply to emails. Your customer service relations is by far the best I have ever seen when dealing with companies online. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am both with the product and your customer service. Thanks again .

- Albert Banocy, USA

Your program is open on my desktop all day almost everyday of the week. I constantly reference it

I have promoted your program with many many people as it is the best web based program I have found. The great thing about it is there are no higly intrusive advertisements. The ones that are there are very discrete.

- Kevin Bogle, USA

Dear Arch Chinese,

We are a 7th grade Chinese class that frequently use Thanks for the time and effort you put in to make such a user friendly and overall wonderful site.

- Steph Lynn, USA

This is truly a brilliant site for any student of the Chinese language.

I would most sincerely like to donate $50 for one year's subscription as I feel it would be money well spent. To be truthful, I would be prepared to pay $75 or $100 because I believe it is so worthwhile. Thank you for your gift to the world!

-Richard Willmott, Australia

I was very amazed to find this site. It is the best resource I found in a long time. I wished I would have found it in 2010!! The possibility to lookup a character by radical ... amazing to say the least! And so many nice features about learning chinese are realised here. Very very nice. I will use this site whenever I am in a chinese mood :-)

- Frans Storms, Holland

I have just renewed my subscription with you for another 3 years as I have found the function of generating Chinese character worksheets particularly useful for my students.

Thank you for the new function, it makes my life so much easier as a Chinese teacher. Furthermore, I am very impressed with your service and efficiency.

Kind Regards,

- Cindy Franklin, USA

Hello! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful site. It is extremely useful!

- Christina Zhou, USA

Arch Chinese Team,
I have to thank you for the website, especially on the part of generating worksheets for stroke sequence of characters. It saves a lot of my time on my preparation work.

- Tammy Tang, Netherlands

I just wanted to let you know that I just found your site, and I'm impressed. I was amazed at the number of characters that you offer, and I love the fact that stroke order is animated. I'll keep an eye on this when I move to China it'll be an invalueble tool. Thanks again.

- Lynn ****, USA

Your site is great!

- Robert D. Cameron, Ph.D.  Professor of Computing Science   Simon Fraser University, France

I subscribed to Arch Chinese because I wanted to generate custom character-writing worksheets, and I wasn't disappointed. This is a great resource!

- Stephen Victor, USA

I am a Chinese teacher for beginner learners of Chinese in a High School in Australia and have found this website very helpful, especially for learning characters and stroke orders.

-Jenny Got, Australia

Thanks for the great website. I am a paid subscriber and I feel the site is definitely worth paying for. I have shared your site link and the merits of it to other students and my teachers.

- Ben Moore, USA

Your site and its facilities are very good. 谢谢您!

- Fearchar I MacIllFhinnein, UK

Love the site. Just found it and will play with it for a few days but I am pretty certain that I will sign up.

- Chris King, USA

...You have been extremely responsive on both problems I have had; you have a great idea; and I wish you and your team the best of luck with your excellent initiative. I have been telling my friends and co-students at Hong Kong University night classes so hopefully you are getting a bit more support...

- Ronald Taylor, Hong Kong

I love your website. This is an absolutely fantastic resource!

- Gordon Davis, USA

This is a brilliant site. Thank you for developing it and making it freely available!

- rtod4@*****.com, UK

They are VERY helpful and it is a good way to help learning Chinese.

- Mark Lewis, UK

I really love your service. I recommend it wherever I can.

- Axel Walter, Germany

I really enjoy your program. It is amazing!

- Li-Ling Cheng, USA

I have been using your site for my last 3 Chinese classes. It is getting better and better. Your labors are making this a very helpful site. I have both mentioned and recommended your site to my present class a few times, and from a teacher's perspective, it is actually getting to be user-friendly.

I have not been an easy one to please, but I must say your site is getting to be a very strong part of my courses and classes. Keep up the excellent work.

- Mykl Herdklotz, USA

Dear Archchinese team,

First of all, you are doing an amazing job!

I have just started to learn putonghua and immediately subscribed to you site once I had found it. After seeing my nifty worksheets, my teacher followed suit!

- Nikolas Prehn, Hong Kong

Your site is amazing!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for contributing to my learning.

-Jeremy Burtenshaw, Australia

Your improvements over the last 2 years are terrific!!

- Brian Scott, USA

Thanks so much for the awesome site and help. It helped my daughter tremendously!

-Jesse Bruton, USA

Just wanted to say thanks for correcting the problem so quickly. It is working fine now. I am always amazed at how quickly you respond; such service, although appreciated, is often unexpected in today's world. Thanks again.

-Albert *****, USA

Dear ArchChinese,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the improvements you have made to ArchChinese since I started using it! Keep up the good work!

Thanks and best wishes,

-Matthew Nogrady, Australia

I want to say what a wonderful tool you have for people learning chinese. I came across the website by chance because I was searching for something like this to help my daughters practice the writing. Thank you sharing this awsome tool.

- Julia Espina, UK

Arch Learning Services:

I use your website to teach Chinese at my school and have found it extremely helpful. I especially like the new ‘Save to Server’ button; it makes the entire process much more organized.

Thank you very much for trying to accommodate the learning process.

-Pauline Chang, USA

Very useful web site. I really appreciate this service.

- Ethan Dawson, USA

This is a great web tool. Thanks for developing it. I hope you have good business and keep on developing more cool stuff. You should represent on Chinese language teacher forum, conferences, etc. where you can meet lots of Chinese teachers.

-Wei Kelly, USA

You guys are awesome! I didn't expect such a quick response. I'll be recommending your service to all my friends who are studying Chinese.

Best regards,

- Kevin McCoy, USA

Thanks so much for your prompt response. ArchChinese is definitely the best Chinese character learning website that I could find...

-Vanda Wu, USA

Love, love, love your website. It has made my teaching much easier!

-Marty Chen, USA

This is the best website for studying Chinese characters! I love it. Keep up the good work!,

- John Goodson, USA

I stumbled upon this site a couple years ago when studying chinese in college. This is now the only Chinese site I use. So much detailed information. I love the dictionary feature that breaks down the character into different parts. I wish there was a mobile app. I think you guys could make a great mobile app. My teacher had given us a list of web resources to learn chinese related stuff from, and a lot of them were really good, but this site wasn't on it. I told her she should include it on her list, and she did. I hope I brought you guys a little more traffic. keep up the great work!

-Tyrone Jenkins, USA

This program is a very powerful learning tool!

- John Delrowe, USA

Wonderful site and I will certainly recommend it to friends!!

- Gerald Brooks, USA

Dear Arch Chinese,

I am pleasantly surprised by how many functions you have developed over the last year! This is such a great resource site!

- Stephanie Lin, Philippines

Hi Arch Chinese Team,

Wow! Thanks for getting back to me on Labor Day! I am so EXCITED to have found this and am looking forward to being able to provide some great practice materials for my students. What a great resource for teachers like me!!!

- Raissa Lee, USA


Congratulations on the new, responsive design of the website. I am pleased to see that you are no longer using Flash for the character animations. Well done!
Great website. Keep up the good work!

- Raissa Lee, USA

Love this website. It's been great for our language studying!

- Ann Lilyea, USA

I am a loyal user of Arch Chinese. Also, as a workshop leader, I always recommend Arch Chinese to the participants of my workshops. Arch Chinese makes Chinese teaching and learning a lot easier and more efficient. Thank you so much for your hard work!

- Venus Liu, USA

I find Arch Chinese absolutely fantastic! Thank you for developing this brilliant set of resources and tools.

- Jane PIERINI, Australia