Domino Cards
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Students love working with educational domino games. You can use this tool to create custom printable dominoes for students to review Chinese vocabulary words.

The dominoes have different combination of vocabulary words on them. The goal is to build a path of dominoes by matching the word on your domino to one of the words on the domino path. Students may work in pairs or small groups. One player shuffles the domino card deck and deal them all out to the players. The first player selects one of the dominoes and place it face up on a table. Players take turns laying their dominoes when they find the correct matches. The player who gets rid of all the dominoes first wins the game. You can also conduct this as an activity rather than a game. If done as an activity, there will be no winners or losers and students will be able to work on all the dominoes and thus all the vocabulary words.

In addition to Chinese vocabulary words, you can use this tool to create domino cards for just about any subjects. All you need to do is to set the vocabulary display to Chinese - English and enter the entry data into the Chinese and definition fields.

Paper size:     Letter (8.5 X 11 inch)    A4 (210 X 297 mm)
Cards per page:     2     4     6     8     10     12
Vocabulary display:
    Chinese - English
    Chinese - Pinyin
    Chinese - Picture
    Pinyin - Picture
    Pinyin - English
    Chinese with Pinyin - English
    Chinese with Pinyin - Picture

Card border:     Thin     Medium     Thick
Chinese color
Pinyin color
English color
Border color